21 heinäkuu 2024

5 Boredom Busters for Dogs While We’re Home

Are you frustrated with your pup because of bad behavior? Are they restless, chewing things they shouldn’t, pawing for attention or digging holes in your yard? While these behaviors may seem like typical puppy play, you could be dealing with a case of doggy boredom.

Doggy boredom occurs when your pup has too much energy. Essentially, it means your pup isn’t getting enough stimulation, and that physical energy is building up inside of them with no form of release. Dogs can also grow bored of a monotonous routine, just like we can. They are smarter than they sometimes let on. Here are a few ways to shake up your pup’s routine and get them back on track to good behavior and a happy way of life.


The simple answer here is play with your dog! Dogs are a bundle of joy and want to spend as much time with you as they can. Play tug of war, play a game of fetch or invent a game of your own. Roll on the ground, run around the yard, and see the world from your dog’s perspective. A little playtime is good for you and your pup!


Take a walk! It seems simple, but more often than not, our pups simply need more exercise. Think of your dog as a growing child. They have a ton of energy and need a way to release it. Add more walking time into your routine and see the changes take place, but don’t stick to the same old route. Try something new. Walk down a different path, head to a new location, or even travel to a hiking trail. Just like people, they enjoy a change of scenery.


Just like people, dogs can become bored when they aren’t challenged. Try some new tricks or new training activities with your pup. Do they know how to sit, stand up, or twirl? Do they know how to fetch and rollover? Get creative and teach your dog to fetch certain items in the house or even the paper outside. Wearing your dog out isn’t just about physical movement. Get them thinking and keep their brains active.


There are a lot of great treat options out there that will please your pup’s palette, keep them healthy and keep them busy. Try a Kong filled with peanut butter or yogurt and pop in the freeze. If your dog likes to chew, check out WHIMZEES—all-natural, long-lasting daily dental chews scientifically proven to reduce plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth while keeping them busy. For more great options, check out our Wellness CORE Natural Dog Treats.


While a ball or stuffed animal can provide a dog a few moments of joy, interactive toys offer a whole new world to our furry friends. Let some of the great new technology work for you! You can find automatic ball launchers, battery-operated toys that move and dispense food, along with puzzle toys that foster brain development and physical movement. If you need a break, sit back and let the batteries do the work!

Every pup is different, so it may take some time to figure out what works for you and your furry friend. Start by introducing a few of these options into their routine and note the changes. Be sure to give your pup time to adjust to new items and environments, especially when socializing. Just like us, a few weeks with a new routine can change our perspectives and our lives.