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We believe that balanced food is crucial to take care of your pet from within. That's why we passionately craft natural, high-quality balanced nutrition.

Why Wellness CORE?

Wellness CORE provides balanced food that takes care of your pet from within. We are passionate about crafting natural, high-quality, balanced nutrition since 1926. CORE not only tastes great; It also contains all the natural ingredients to help your companion thrive from the inside out.

Balanced natural recipes

We believe natural balance is at the core of every pet’s well-being.
That is exactly the reason why we passionately craft all-natural, high-quality balanced nutrition that not only tastes great, but also takes care of your pet from within.

A team of pet lovers

Our dedicated team is composed of animal nutrition experts, veterinarians, scientists, breeders and happy pet parents all united around the same ultimate goal: providing natural high-quality nutrition that fuels a complete lifetime of well-being for pets.
That is why we’re passionately pursuing new ways to bring love, joy and healthy nutrition to a lifetime of mealtimes.

Support beyond food

The passion of our Wellness CORE team for pets translates into support that goes beyond just making fantastic food! We are here to support pet parents throughout their much-loved pet’s life and optimise their overall well-being.

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