About Wellness CORE

We believe that balanced food is crucial to take care of your pet from within.

Who we are

At Wellness CORE, we’re committed to your pet’s overall wellbeing.That's why we are passionate about crafting natural, high quality, balanced nutrition since 1926. CORE not only tastes great; it also contains all the natural ingredients to help your companion thrive from the inside out.

Nutrition crafted for whole body health

The finest fresh, real and wholesome ingredients

Every Wellness CORE recipe is crafted the right way and never the easy way. That is why you will see only the finest quality natural ingredients carefully selected to deliver premium complete & balanced nutrition for your pet.

Fresh meat first, rich in meat proteins

With high protein, meat-rich recipes, Wellness CORE delivers all the essential amino acids pets and dogs need for optimal energy, increased lean muscle mass, healthy skin, and a soft, shiny coat, and best of all, a taste they will love!

Decreased carbohydrates & filler-free

In addition to every recipe being grain-free, Wellness CORE is different to other brands with a reduction in the total amount of carbohydrates in every bag. This ensures your pet will get more of the good stuff and no fillers.

Moderate fat levels for sustained activity and slim waistlines

With moderate fat levels, Wellness CORE helps ensure pets have the energy and vitality to play without excess calories to help minimise any unwanted weight gain to help maintain a healthy lean body condition.

Scientifically proven benefits

  • Skin & coat

    Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids from full fat linseed & salmon oil combined with essential vitamins & minerals (zinc, vitamin E) to help promote healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat.

  • Digestive health

    Dietary fibre, prebiotics and probiotics with added essential minerals support optimal digestive health and help promote regular, firm stools.

  • Eyes, teeth & gums

    Vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus & magnesium are essential for good sensory health.

  • Energy

    Complete & balanced recipes with high quality meat or fish rich proteins, selected fats and lowered carbohydrates to support pet’s vitality to play whilst promoting a healthy heart and optimal body condition

  • Immunity

    With added vitamins, minerals and antioxydants to support a pet’s immune health to keep their natural defences strong.

Wellness CORE perfectly matches the unique nutritional needs of pets. With a scientifically crafted approach, this protein packed, grain free family of natural pet foods delivers not only a taste that all animals love but most importantly, nutrition that will fuel a lifetime of well-being.

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    Commitment and sustainability

    Because we care for food

    Each ingredient in our recipes is thoughtfully chosen for its nutritional benefits, providing just what pets need for a happier, healthier, longer life.

    Because we care for pets

    Our mission is to ensure that every pet on the planet is born, bred, and raised with love.
    That’s why we promote pet adoption, ethical breeding practices and support local shelters to offer a proper meal to less fortunate pets.

    Because we care for the planet

    We serve as board members of The Pet Sustainability Coalition because taking care of our pets also means taking care of our environment. We actively find creative, business-minded solutions in order to maintain and improve the environment.

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    Frequently asked Questions

    Ingredients related

    • Wellness CORE pet foods are all natural and preserved with natural preservatives including Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) and Vitamin C. We do not use any chemical or artificial preservatives such as BHA, BHT, or ethoxyquin.

    Health & nutrition

    • Formulated to ensure dogs and cats thrive from the CORE, Wellness CORE recipes contain key nutrition that is scientifically proven to promote superior well-being with a demonstration of these signs of health in 4 main areas:
      Nourished Skin & Coat: Wellness CORE goes above and beyond the FEDIAF requirements (European Food Industry Federation) for omega fatty acids to ensure an improved skin and coat health of dogs and cats and can be attributed to the presence of our guaranteed levels of fatty acids in the pet’s diets
      Optimal Nutrient Digestibility: All nutrients chosen for a Wellness CORE recipe are selected to optimize digestion and nutrient absorption with the pet’s stools also being evaluated to determine the long-term health and nutrient absorption. Wellness CORE recipes are formulated to optimize digestive health with added dietary fibres, prebiotics and probiotics to nourish the cells lining the pet’s digestive tract.
      Optimal Energy: The careful selection of increased meat proteins, wholesome fats and reduced carbohydrates ensure that every Wellness CORE recipe delivers the energy a dog and cat need for a healthy and active life.
      Strong Immunity: Since much of a pet’s immunity system lies within their gut, Wellness CORE recipes include a tailored blend of dietary fibres, prebiotics and probiotics to create a healthy intestinal tract that ensures not only improved nutrient digestibility and absorption but also one that creates an effective barrier for pathogens in the digestive tract. Alongside a nutrient-rich diet, these inclusions help support overall immune health.

      In accordance with FEDIAF guidelines, all Wellness CORE recipes are complete and balanced pet foods that provide all the nutrient requirements established for the life stage for which the pet food was intended. In addition to FEDIAF guidelines for establishing nutritional adequacy, Wellness CORE undertakes additional non-required nutrient analysis to further provide assurance of a recipe’s nutritional adequacy and performance. These non-invasive studies evaluate and confirm nutrient consumption, stool quality and diet palatability.

    • Wellness CORE Cat recipes contain increased amounts of dietary fibre and added cellulose to help the ingested hair pass through the digestive tract. As a poorly fermentable fibre, cellulose resists microbial effects to help maximize the sweeping of any ingested hair out into the stools to minimise the occurrence of hairballs. With added omega fatty acids plus rich meat protein sources, every Wellness CORE Cat recipe also promotes a lustrous skin and coat to help minimize hair fall and ingestion. The dual approach helps minimize the total amount of hair ingested as well as reduce the likelihood of hairballs being vomited up by gently moving them through the digestive system.